International Money Transfer Facility
Exchange Rates and Currency Converter Table

Exchange Rate


At conversion rate of 0.7645
9:36:04 PM Tue Aug 23 2016

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Currency Price Table

Base Currency: Australian Dollar

Counter CurrenciesMid RateInverse
New Zealand Dollar1.0440.9582
United States Dollar0.76451.308
Great British Pound0.58041.723
Japanese Yen76.530.01307
South African Rand10.300.0971
Singapore Dollar1.0310.9696
Hong Kong Dollar5.9280.1687
Thai Baht26.450.0378
Canadian Dollar0.98621.014
United Arab Emirates Dirham2.8080.3561
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How to do an International Money Transfer without having to go through your Bank

If your payment is less then A$10,000.00 your fee is A$15.00 after A$10,000.00 there is no fee

You need to secure the bank account details of the Supplier including their address and SWIFT # and or IBAN #. Bank transfers are ony done from Bank Account to Bank Account. Note that you can not transfer from a credit or debit card

First time users, you need to set up an account. You will require:

Business Users

A copy of face page of Drivers License or face page of Passport from any director who has more than 25 % share in the company. If you pass the ID check we need nothing further. If you don’t you may be asked for a utility bill.

Go to Business Registration page and quote EQH852

Personal Users

A copy of face page of Drivers License or face page of Passport plus a copy of recent utility bill.

Go to Personal Registration page